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The Monroeville Pet Hospital

The Monroeville Pet Hospital, located in the business district of Monroeville, Pennsylvania, was formerly the location of the practice known as the Monroeville Veterinary Hospital.  The Verona Pet Clinic, LLC (d.b.a. The Monroeville Pet Hospital) purchased those assets in May of 2006, and moved from Verona, Pennsylvania to our present location and adopted the trade name of Monroeville Pet Hospital.

In July of 2007, the Monroeville Pet Hospital completed an addition to the building which now houses two exam rooms, a lab area, a handicapped bathroom, three offices and a staff dining area.  Some renovations to the building were completed at the time as well, allowing for separate dental and surgery suits, a surgery preparation station and a better organized caging facility.

The addition and renovations have allowed us to provide better service for you and your pets and a more manageable, well organized work space for our staff.

The Monroeville Pet Hospital is strictly a canine and feline hospital.  Every year our staff engages in the requirements of continuing education (to the delight of our technicians that sometimes means a trip to Las Vega),so you can rest assured that our doctors and technicians are up to date on all the new techniques and literature regarding the health care of your pet; and we boast some of the finest, and most modern equipment that you’ll find anywhere–from our state of the art laboratory equipment to our digital dental and surgery suites, we have the equipment to make knowledgeable diagnoses and perform detailed surgeries, dentistry and other treatments to help your “little furry friends” in time of need.  And, of course, we are always especially proud of our knowledgeable, professional and friendly staff, without whom, specifically, we’d be just another animal hospital.

The Verona Pet Clinic, LLC

Many of you who were clients of Dr. Oster when she practiced in Verona, Pennsylvania, packed your bags and followed her to Monroeville; We appreciate your loyal patronage.

The Verona Pet Clinic was opened in October of 2001.  Some of you may have read, and remembered, the article in the Tribune-Review about our opening, a copy of that article has been reproduced here for your convenience, just click here.

All totaled, we have been in business for twenty years, and we anticipate many more good years to come.

Thank you!

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