Pet Dental Promotion

Please drop by the Monroeville Pet Hospital and take advantage of some of our free services.

Pet Dental Month was such a resounding success, that we have decided to extend our 10% discount on all dental services (medicines are not included) until the end of April. If you would like to take advantage of the savings, please schedule an appointment during our regular business hours

Until the end of April we are offering:

  • A hands on dental consultation from one of our Certified Veterinary Technicians
  • Pamphlets loaded with lots of helpful dental information
  • A package of dental supplies (while supplies last)
  • And alternatives to brushing your pets’ teeth.

This offer is available to anyone who is interested and is completely FREE! Just Call 412-372-1100 to schedule your dental consultation today.

Take a Tour of our Dental Suite

Home care is a great way to maintain your pet’s dental health. However, even with the best of care many pets will still need to have their teeth professionally cleaned. Our state of the art dental suite has all the equipment needed to provide your pet with a safe, sanitary and professional environment from which to care for all of your pet’s dental needs.

1. Below is a picture of our patient table which is heated to maintain your pets comfort and health throughout the dental procedure.


2. Properly warmed fluids and medications delivered at the proper dose are critical and are also maintained throughout the procedure. Below is a picture of our IV pump and fluid warming unit.


3. Your pet’s vitals–heart rate, respiration, pressure, temperature, O2 and CO2 levels and depth of anesthesia are all monitored by one of our Certified Veterinary Technicians


4. And with our state of the art digital dental sensor we don’t need to wait for pictures to develop, we have them immediately. This means less time for which your pet needs to be anesthetized during any dental procedure and that means a safer procedure and a quicker recovery time for your pet. And our digital sensor also requires less x-rays to produce the same image as traditional x-ray units, which also means less x-ray exposure for your pet.

1a  1b

Digitally enabled x-ray unit and digital x-ray monitor.

For more information please call us at 412-372-1100.

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